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We at Sabbath Keepers Fellowship & Prison Ministry know that you in the body of Messiah have many skills and gifts. This year we badly need your prayers and help. What we have been unable to do, you probably can.

Every year we purchase thousands of dollars worth of matzah, horseradish, grape juice, and pay high printing costs for the Haggadah (Passover Seder service booklet) we send to our inmate members in prison for their Passover celebrations. We have tried many ways to lower the cost of these items, with little success. We are hoping one you, our brothers and sisters out there, can help us do better.

Currently, we are paying these unit prices for each item:

~Box of Matzah (16oz./14 pieces) – $1.66
~Grape Juice (10 oz. plastic) –  $0.60
~Horseradish Packet (single serving) –  $0.22
~Haggadah Booklet (8.5”x11” folded) – $1.60

~Two Gallon Plastic Bag (zip-lock) – $0.12

Each package includes: one box of matzah, two bottles of juice, one horseradish packet, and one Haggadah, plus a bag for each and packaging materials. The Haggadah is 20 pages of plain white paper and black ink only, with an additional #110 weight heavy cover sheet, which folded in half and stapled is a 42 page booklet.

Our shipping expenses equal 60% of our total cost per inmate for the packages, which is just insane. It brings the net cost of the packages to an average of $12 each. We have a few volunteers here in Texas who deliver to a few local prisons, but most are going out by USPS. The containers range from a single package up to nearly a hundred of them, depending on the needs and requests of individual prisons. If anyone knows how we can save on shipping, or is willing to deliver a few of them for us, please let us know.

We know that someone out there is aware of or can help us find better prices than these. If you know of someplace or someone that can save us money on these items, we will be able to send out more packages to needy inmates this year. Or, if you have no contacts to help with this, give it a try on your own. We have tried our hardest to improve these numbers, and have failed. We have tried diligently to solicit more donations, but folks are just not opening their wallets this year, so it seems our only avenue is to get some savings.

Finally, if any of you wish to just send matzah,  juice or packing materials to us here directly at Sabbath Keepers Fellowship & Prison Ministry, please do! Or, maybe a few of you would like to sponsor an entire prison Passover celebration. Just call us and we will discuss that with you. We sure do need the help this year, and our deadlines for package assembly and shipping are looming quickly. We need to get this done now, or it won’t get done.

You can call us at: (903) 489-1930

Or, send cash, check, money order or Passover supplies to:

Sabbath Keepers Fellowship
P.O. Box 972
Malakoff, Tx. 75148

You can also visit our website to make a PayPal donation or to learn more about the annual Passover Package program:…/passover-packages/

Please, please help us. You are, combined, the Body of Messiah. There is nothing you cannot achieve for his sake and in his name. Let’s use that power and prove it. Thank you.

Jeff Haufler – Asst. Director
Sabbath Keepers Fellowship & Prison Ministry

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