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Miracle Prayer group listen live request line.

Loved “MPGS

Dial 425-436-6315
Then put in code
705 8826#
And announce yourself.

We can’t see eachother only hear

God bless
Rev Jason

Coffee Cake and Miracle Prayer”

MPG starts at 9 am East coast time

Johnathan LeeCaught by The Fishing King.Jesus. The Alpha Omega

By God’s grace 🙏 and heart of Prayers Kevin
And I were hit on all sides leaving the house.
We felt the nervousness and strife of the enemies unseen.
We fought bad driving and internal pressure
By enemy Darts and attack.
After visiting tent city once we headed home.
I pulled into Buckmans carwash to take inventory.
We were exhausted by mental trauma.
I said Kevin I think we’re done today. But let’s pray. God in a still small voice said go back to tent city.
We arrived to see no one. Then put a little food on table.
I saw someone peeking thru a curtain.
I invited him out for ☕ coffee.
It led to prayer .
Then baptism and sinner prayer.
Johnathan Lee was converted with laughter then tears.

Pray and intercede for his discipleship training.
To be God’s anointed wàrrior for the Harvest.

Keep me and Kevin in prayer
The ministry lacks many things
But the greatest IAM in the heart keeps us

Support it by PayPal.
The car needs a tune-up.
By grace .

Rev Jt

Coffee 🍰 Cake and Miracle Prayer

Audio Post The ministry of Coffee ,Cake ,and Miracle Prayer.

The ministry of Coffee ,Cake ,and
Miracle Prayer.

Reverend Jt was sent by God after a 15 day fast. No food.
To highways band byways. To set the homeless
Outcast free from The World, Flesh and devil’s.
I do 6/7 days a week. After I suffered financial and physical shipwreck.
I give food clothing coffee and lunches out everyday.
With water baptism and excorcism prayer to set the troubled souls free. Christ in my heart by faith.
Ephesians 3:17
To God be the Glory.
Giving Grace and liberty by His Spirit.
2 Corinthians 3:17