Min Hazaqen Torah Commentary, by Ovadyah ben Yisrael

Shalom Chaverym;
This Sabbath’s video Torah study at 4pm Central Time with the staff and friends of Sabbath Keepers Fellowship.
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This week’s parasha is:
Vayyeilek-  פרשת וילך- “And he went”
Torah reading: D’varym (Deuteronomy) 31:1-30
Haftarah reading: Hoshea (Hosea) 14:2-10, Mikah (Micah) 7:18-20,
Yoel (Joel) 2:15-27
Ketuvym Hatalmidym reading: Ma’asi (Acts) 22:1-21

Shalom aleykhem, achym, b’shem YHWH Avinu, Malkeynu ~ Peace to you, my brothers, in the name of YHWH, our Father, our King.
Ki yadatiy acharey motiy, ki hashcheith tashchithun v’cartem min Haderek asher tziviytiy ethkem v’qarath ethkem har’ah B’acharith Hayamim ~ “For I know after I die; then you will deal corruptly, and turn aside from The Way that I have commanded you, and evil will meet with you in the end of days.”

Haderek—The Way. Haderek is that path of righteousness which the people of YHWH will turn aside from, to do evil and to provoke Him to wrath. This Way of set-apartness, the path to life, is how one walks out the commands of Torah during their lifetime. It is now, and always has been, the path that the children of YHWH should choose.
Besides being a lawgiver, Moshe was also a great prophet. Here in our pesuk, he speaks of the “Acharith Hayamim”—the end of days. It is a phrase which not only implies the end of one’s own personal life, but more often indicates a distant future, near the end of time. Because of their waywardness and rebellion against YHWH, Moshe prophesied that the children of YHWH will meet with great evil during the Acharith Hayamim when they will insist on walking a path other than that of Haderek. And that is exactly the situation they are in now.
Yehoshua said that He is The Way—Haderek. He walked out the Torah and commandments perfectly, telling us that this “yoke is easy and the burden light.” Yochanan, the disciple that Yehoshua loved, said that we should “walk even as He walked.”
Shaul of Tarsus said that he was a Yehudy, brought up in Yerushalayim at the feet of the great sage, Gamliel, having been instructed according to the exactness of the Torah of our fathers, being ardent for Elohym. He also confessed under oath that he worshipped according to a belief called The Way—Haderek—believing all that is written in the Torah and the Prophets.
It is often asked how so many people, from mainstream Christianity to Orthodox Judaism, could be so wrong about the commandments of YHWH—how to keep them or whether to do so at all; and how could one small group who keep Torah simply and easily, as Yehoshua did, be the only ones who get it right? The answer is, YHWH said through His prophets that it would be so. Yehoshua Himself said, “Narrow is the gate and hard-pressed is The Way – Haderek – that leads to life, and few there are who find it.” The word of YHWH cannot be made void, and prophecy cannot be broken. He said it would be this way, and so it is.
Prophecy also speaks of a time when a small remnant of YHWH’s people will turn from evil and begin to seek Him with all their hearts. These people will listen for His voice and hear it, telling them to: Sha’alu lin’tivoth olam, zeh Derek Hatov ~ “Seek the ancient path, this is The Way that is excellent”; and, Zeh haderek, l’ku vo ~ “This is The Way, walk in it.”
May we all be blessed to be counted among that remnant. 

B’Shalom, Ovadyah Ben Yisrael

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