Greetings! We are a new fellowship and are at the grassroots stage of our development as an organization.  We are building a global community of 7th day Sabbath Keepers.  If your looking for a new place to call home or your looking to build your own fellowship in your area and if you are looking for other Sabbath keepers for a small home Bible study/fellowship and you are currently attending a none Sabbath keeping Church,there is no need for you to be an Adventist to meet with us. We consider our group Nondenominal but Messianic Jews, with Hebrew Roots Christians, Seventh Day Baptists and Adventists, United Church of God, etc please call or text me anytime! We would be very interested in meeting with you. The only thing we ask is that you believe in God’s Ten Commandments,and are willing to share your beliefs and experiences. Hope to hear from you soon! Call ask for Daniel Leach my cell number 1(701)339-3131

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